Tea with Darah

Our friend Grace’s latest post.


Often we live our lives on autopilot, have you ever considered this? I take harp lessons from a friend at my church and then we sit and chat after the lesson, an important part of the Christian life is to have different forms of discipleship and that is why I enjoy meeting with her.

A couple of weeks ago Darah challenged me about what I wear. I had wanted to wear more skirts, but that idea had been forgotten for about two years, although it sounded like a good idea and I liked them, I had been living on autopilot for a while and my friend knew this.

She reminded me of my convictions that I had so conveniently forgotten about. It was easy to use excuses like, “Skirts are difficult to find”, or “I can’t get things done as quickly”. God greatly used her to help me see my…

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